The Certified Professional program is a program by which certain municipalities, including the City of Vancouver and City of Surrey, authorize a Registered Engineer or Architect to provide a detailed coordinated review of the life safety and fire protection requirements for a project, as prepared by design and consulting teams on an accelerated time line. Further, a Certified Professional is authorized by the municipality to conduct field review of fire and life safety items for the project in lieu of the district building inspector. This program recognizes the significant level of knowledge and understanding of the Building Code in both its theoretical and practical application. As Certified Professionals, we act as a single-point contact between the project consultants and the Authority Having Jurisdiction, and provide many of the services that would otherwise be provided by the City plans examiners and building inspector. Substantial cost savings can be realized through faster permit issuance, responsiveness to site schedule and through constructive issue resolution on site.

Although all municipalities have not adopted the Certified Professional program, the level of review anticipated by the Authority Having Jurisdiction from a third party Building Code consultant has steadily increased over the past decade. Both the project team and the Authority Having Jurisdiction recognize the particular expertise brought to the project, resulting in a level of comfort for the Authority Having Jurisdiction and allowing the design team to meet the goals of the project and recognizing cost savings for the owner.