Where a particular design from the consultant team does not meet the prescriptive requirements identified in the applicable Building Code or Building By-Law, these Codes permit the submission of an alternative solution that meets the life safety and fire protection objectives of the Building Code or Building By-Law. Under previous Codes, these alternative solutions were identified as equivalencies. An alternative solution prepared under provision of the objective based Building Code, permits owners and design consultants to achieve significant new innovation or design, or realize cost savings while meeting the life safety and fire protection requirements of the applicable Codes and Standards. Under the objective based Code system, all provisions of the Building Code are subject to a performance based review and submission of an alternative solution meeting the objective and intent of the Building Code.

Alternative solutions may be prepared to address innovative design configurations, new materials or systems which do not comply with the prescriptive requirements of the Building Code. In the preparation of alternative solutions, CFT Engineering maintains a number of primary objectives:

  • Design configurations identifying the most cost effective method of applying the intent of the Building Code which meets the design goals of the project.
  • Minimize the impact of Code requirements on design goals of the owner and architect.
  • Work with the project team to communicate how life and fire safety considerations affect building and design use.
  • Coordinate and facilitate approval of design concepts with Building and Fire officials.
  • Provide alternates to Building Code compliance to better serve the unique needs of the end user group.