As local municipalities delegate more and more of the design review to independent third parties or continue to increase their level of standards for building permit application, CFT Engineering is increasing requested to prepare Building Code compliance drawings in support of, and submitted with, building permit applications. In the preparation of Building Code compliance drawings, CFT Engineering works closely with the design team to demonstrate in pictorial format how the major life safety and fire protection features of the Building Code are incorporated into the project.

Most municipalities are requiring Code compliance drawings to be submitted with building permit application, whether or not they have adopted the Certified Professional program. Code compliance drawings would typically show items such as:

  • Fire separations.
  • Travel distances.
  • Smoke management systems.
  • Occupancy types and separations.
  • Highrise requirements.
  • Fire Department response and site access compliance issues.
  • Fire hydrant and key fire protection system components.

Consultant teams, architects, owners and developers are using Code compliance drawings in conjunction with Building Code Compliance Reports to facilitate and expedite the review process by the Authority Having Jurisdiction, as well as ensuring a clear and consistent approach to Building Code compliance for the consultant team throughout the course of construction.