Building Codes and Fire Codes both contain provisions that deal with the safety of persons in buildings in the event of a fire, and the protection of buildings from the effects of fire. Whereas Building Codes apply to building construction, Fire Codes typically apply to the operation and maintenance of fire related features in buildings. Fire Codes also address the ongoing maintenance and safety requirements for specific hazards.

Where an existing facility, property or site has been deemed by local authorities to not comply with the safety requirements of the Fire Code, or upgrade of existing facilities to comply with the Fire Code is sought, CFT Engineering will work with owners, consultants and the Authority Having Jurisdiction to develop a plan and implementation procedure to address any concerns and comply with the requirements of applicable Codes or By-Laws.

In the provision of Building Code consulting and fire protection engineering services, CFT Engineering maintains a number of primary objectives:

  • With respect to alternative solution issues, identifying the most cost effective method of applying the intent of the Building Code which meets the design goals of the project.
  • Minimize the impact of Code requirements on design goals of the owner and architect.
  • Explore wherever possible, alternative or “equivalent” solutions to Building Code compliance in order to achieve cost efficiencies and the design and functional objectives of the project.
  • Develop a Building Code Compliance Report based on the needs of the project, applicable Codes and sound fire protection engineering principles.
  • Work with the project team to communicate how life and fire safety considerations affect building and design use.
  • Discuss approval of design concepts with Building and Fire officials.