PRoject manager

John Bolduc, P.Eng., C.P.


Mr. Bolduc is a project manager who has been working with CFT Engineering Inc. since 2011. He is a graduate of the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Integrated Engineering. Mr. Bolduc is registered as a Professional Engineer in British Columbia with APEGBC and successfully completed the Certified Professional (CP) Course in 2016. Mr. Bolduc is skilled in methods for performance based analysis, such as computer-based fire modeling.

Mr. Bolduc has demonstrated his skills both by the development of Building Code alternative solutions and by providing third-party peer reviews to assist municipalities for their review of complex buildings. His technical background and project experience as a Building Code consultant is also constructive for addressing complex issues related to the phasing of large projects, quantifying and mitigating the risk of fire exposure onto adjacent buildings during construction, and implementing development approaches that use legal agreements to address issues related to existing property lines and/or air space parcel subdivision.

In addition to Building Code consulting and Certified Professional services, Mr. Bolduc provides fire protection engineering and Fire Code consulting services for heavy industrial clients. For this scope of work Mr. Bolduc has addressed requirements of the Fire Code and fire protection standards referenced by the Code, assisted in the development of coordinated approaches to reduce risk, and has assisted in the review of emergency response plans with consideration the capabilities of responding Fire Departments and their available equipment and strategies for firefighting.